2013/2014 Grant Recipients

With this year’s grants, MCFEE will have funded over 1 MILLION DOLLARS to the Manheim Central School District since its beginning in 2001.

Business Tax Credit Grants

We are so appreciative of our local business support.


Mobile Agriculture Education Science Lab, a $2600 grants written by Susan Witmer and Suzanne Kopp, will be part of the week­long Ag in the Classroom experience for third graders in the district.   The lab visit will provide the children with hands on science experiments related to agriculture.

iPads for ELL Support, a grant for $1,078 written by Linnea Iles, will provide 2 iPads for use by 19 English Language Learners.   They will use these to access the web based Rosetta Stone program, as well as to use them for online resources for background knowledge.  Voice over technology will support reading and listening skills with translation capabilities.   They’ll fit nicely into Linnea’s tote bag to go from school to school.

Middle School

For the fourth year, MCFEE is excited to be part of OUR Novel Experience at the Middle School.  $4000 of business tax credit money will be combined with other sources to make next year’s reading experiences happen once again.  We thank grant writers, Matt Baker, Courtney Murphy, Shannon Paules, Maryann Richmond, and Deb Weidler for providing this opportunity to the students.

iPads for Math Applications.    The seventh grade math classrooms will utilize iPads to work collaboratively to define and solve real world problems in their pre-algebra and algebra 1 classes.  This grant for $4280 was written by Megan Shumaker, Kelly LaPierre, Steph Bunty, and Chris Sherwood.

Severin Fayerman will return to the Middle School next year as a living memory of the atrocities incurred by millions during the Holocaust, as well as a testimony to what you can achieve if you have your eyes on success.   This $500 grant was written by Lauren Shelly, Bobbi Bear and Matt Baker.

Middle School and High School will share the following grants:

Virtual Lending with Overdrive, written by Elaine Spencer, will expand the middle school and high school library collections and add an appealing format for motivating our students to read.  Overdrive is a service that provides eBooks and the means for students to download them to their personal devices for a loan period.   $7000 will purchase the software, with half of the amount providing content.

The Weather Station  grant, written by Laurie McClure, Seth Kensinger,  Marie Barber, Michelle Martin, Mike Pyle, and Charlie Fisher, will obtain an upgraded Weather Station and access to Weather Bug Achieve software.  This will bring live weather data for use in the 5th grade science classes, 7th grade Earth Science classes, as well as the High School sciences and Climatology elective course.  The community will also have access to accurate and live local weather forecasts, as used by meteorologists at ABC 27 and accessed on smart phones.  We are grateful to our maintenance department for offering to install this weather station, saving $2000!

High School

 The CASE, Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education, STEAM project grant for $6000, written by Deb Seibert, Heather Anderson, and Jonathan Werning will provide lab analysis, environmental science CASE kits, high interest non-fiction environmental literacy books and five stereoscope microscopes which will be used by all 13 Ag Ed electives and the new 9th grade required Environment, Ecology and Engineering course.

The Advanced Camera Techniques and Movement grant written by Jon Charles was awarded $1,755 to purchase equipment to provide students with hands on opportunities to learn advanced camera techniques and movements in the video and photography courses.

Dr. Louise Anderson will be providing a unique opportunity for the HS vocal and music theory students next year.    Her $4,990 grant will commission An Artist in Residence: Matt Lammin, a singer/songwriter/arranger/vocal coach from England to write an original musical work for our students to perform.  He will be providing educational sessions for the high school students before the concert during his trip to Manheim.

A $2840 grant written by Lu Ann Wise provides a program, Driven 2 Distraction, for all tenth graders.  This program is designed to educate students on the dangers of driving distracted, whether by electronic devices or impaired performance by drug or substance abuse.  They will be engaged in hands on activities, media presentations, and a simulated driving experience.

Chef Bill Scepansky, a well-known free-lance chef and owner of Smart Partners will guide the High School Foods students through preparation of healthy recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables.  This $1500 grant will provide his services and food for the project.  They will serve taste samples to all High School students and staff in the cafeteria during lunch.  This grant was written by Deb Strickler, Susan Anderson, and David Ludwig.

District-Wide Grants

Enhancing Learning with the iPad, a $4000 grant written by Nicole Flora, will provide students with special needs the opportunity to use applications on iPads assisting with reading, writing, spelling, and math.   This grant provides 10 iPads to be used across the district in the learning support classrooms.

Junior Achievement is committed to making our communities stronger by providing young people skills needed to succeed in a global economy.  This grant for $5000 will support 7 classroom programs and symposiums at all levels in Manheim Central.

Venture Grant Awards

Elementary Level

Pack Your Picnic Basket for Math and Science for $700 was written by Melissa Bankert and Amanda Burns.    Stiegel kindergartners will participate in a program from the Hands On House that uses a picnic theme for activities with estimation, computation, and cooperation. They will extend the experience to their science lessons on insects and life cycles.

The 12th annual Manheim Central 4th Grade Wetlands and Watershed Day will again join the high school ag students, the Envirothon team, and environmental industry representatives with the district fourth graders for a day of experiences in and around Chiques Creek.  This $1300 grant was written by Deb Seibert.

Stiegel K-4th grades will be using the computer program Starfall for both reading and math skills to provide an additional intervention for the students.   This grant worth $300, touching 300 students, was written by Melissa Bankert and Amanda Burns.

All Pro Dads is a successful program already in place at Stiegel Elementary.  The breakfasts include a 40 minute program of fatherhood and family topics.  The $1300 grant from McFee will help to continue this program.   This grant was written by Duane Foltz, Melissa Bankert, and Lynn Paine.

All third and fourth graders in the district will become webpage designers as they use Glogster to create on line multimedia reports, posters, and presentations next year thanks to a grant written by Ken Zimmerman for $600.  This will provide the software license for three years for the three elementary buildings.

BrainPop Jr. will be in each of the elementary schools in 2013-14.  This K to 4 online database of resources and videos is specifically designed for elementary students.  The 3 grants for all of the elementary schools were written by Ken Zimmerman for a total of $3,300.

Middle School

Mastering Math Facts Beyond the Basic Fractions is a grant written by Jon Clausen, Christian Brooks and Matt Huber for $1150.  This software will enable the 5th to 8th grade students to focus on strengthening foundational math facts and challenges.  Each student will work at his/her own learning level to master facts until their knowledge is automatic.

Digging Up the Past will be an engaging, hands on activity as fifth grade students uncover reproduction artifacts from the Aztec, Inca and Maya civilizations at 6 simulated archeological dig sites.  This grant for $1300 will cover equipment to create the dig that can be used again in the future.  This grant was written by Aaron Fry and Charlie Fisher.

Scholastic Math, a $545 grant written by Megan Shumaker, Kelly LaPierre, Steph Bunty, Chris Sherwood, Melissa Nolt, RC Fraley Hogg, Hillary Moser and Kim Hatfield.  They will purchase and use Scholastic Math, a supplemental math magazine, along with online access to other scholastic math resources.  500 math students will benefit as they read across the curriculum.

Brain Pop for the middle school is an online database of resources and videos that are aligned to and searchable by state standards that will be used in grades 5 to 8 in math, science, social studies, English, technology, art, music and health.  This grant for $1100 was written by Ken Zimmerman.

High School

The High School International Culture Day is a $1300 grant written by Nate Campbell.   Student groups from the high school will select a country to represent as they promote multicultural awareness and allow students with diverse backgrounds an opportunity to share their own culture with the rest of the student body.  The grant will provide financial support for food and supplies to create this event.

E Mission: Cyber Surgeons will be back at Manheim Central High School thanks to a grant written by Matt Schwartz.  This $600 grant will enable Sports Medicine students to participate in a hands-on video conference with the National Institute of Health.  The students work in teams to triage, diagnose and treat various illnesses and injuries, as well as to initiate clinical trials under the supervision of the host from the National Institute of Health.

Mobile Journalism, a grant written by Jon Charles, enables students to create video stories to play on the school broadcast and post on their blog sites in a timely manner.  News stories will be able to be produced at home for the next morning’s broadcast.   This $1300 grant will provide both hardware and software to make their news stories current and relevant.

The Teen Parent Literacy Kits purpose is to provide resources to teen parents so they can be prepared to give their babies a head start in literacy.  Any MC student who becomes a parent while in school will be given a literacy kit containing children’s books and educational toys so he/she can help the baby in its first year.  This grant written by Elaine Spencer for $540 will pay for the contents.  Students will receive ongoing support in this area by Elaine Spencer, librarian, and the language arts teachers.

Agriculture Experience Tracker is a $600 grant to purchase a one year subscription to the Agricultural Experience Tracker service, an online record keeping system for both the students and teachers for educational and financial agricultural program experiences. FFA students will also be able to use this for applications for state and national awards.  This grant was written by Heather Anderson, Deb Seibert, and Jonathan Werning.

The BRAKES, Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe, Driving Program is a two day defensive driving training for teens ages 16 to 19 that teaches advanced driving skills and safe driving practices.  MCFEE is happy to help the Manheim Lions Club and the other partners make this experience available to Manheim Central students with a grant of $1300.   The event will be held at the Manheim Auto Auction on September 28 and 29th, 2013.  The MCFEE breakfast is also on the 28th, so we hope to see all of you at both events.   Thanks to Seth Kensinger for being the district representative for the BRAKES program and writing this grant.

District-Wide:  HD Video Conferencing for any of the MC classrooms is back again due to the three venture grants written by Ken Zimmerman for a total of $3,900.    MCFEE is excited to see what virtual experiences your students will have next school year.

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