2019-2020 Proven in Practice Grant Application

Proven in Practice (PIP) Grants are intended to support previously MCFEE-funded projects with positive outcomes due to continuing need and interest.  MCFEE will retain the right to fund continuing programs of productive value.

The MCFEE Grants Committee, annually, will allocate no more than 50% of the non-EITC (Business Tax Credit) dollars of our annual total grants budget to fund PIP Grants.

Applicants are asked to provide budget justification for whatever amount they need to get the project completed satisfactorily.  We are expecting to see some correlation on what was spent before, unless substantial improvements and changes are proposed.

Names will be removed during grant selection. Please do not specify names of teachers in copy below.
Include the email address of the teacher completing this form.
Indicate grade level, department, entire grade level, entire school, entire district along with the number of students.
Application deadline is Friday, March 29, 2019. For further information or questions contact Amy Howett, MCFEE Executive Director at ahowett@mcfee4kids.org or 717-951-0710