MCFEE’S Mission and Vision

Why was MCFEE Founded?

“Reading, Writing, and Math” are the primary responsibilities of our schools. Unfortunately, in this day and age, they are not always enough. In addition, our children need to be exposed to creative and innovative programs in science, technology, the arts and other disciplines that increasingly go beyond our schools’ financial capabilities.

Consequently, the Manheim Central Foundation for Educational Enrichment (MCFEE) was established and incorporated on January 19, 2001 to enhance and enrich the educational opportunities of our students. The Foundation is managed by a fifteen-member Trustee Council, none of whom receive, directly or indirectly, any compensation for his or her service. The members of the Trustee Council are alumni of Manheim Central, community, business and professional leaders, and parents who are committed and dedicated to providing financial and other support to maximize the educational experiences of our children. MCFEE will help to provide Manheim Central students with the resources that will give them the competitive edge.

What does MCFEE support?

  • Creative and innovative classroom programs that would normally not be funded.
  • Cooperation between our students, businesses and community.
  • Aesthetic and cultural opportunities.
  • Tax-deductible means for interested individuals and businesses to be partners in fostering excellence in education.