MCFEE Grants – Overview

As part of its ongoing mission to “Foster Excellence in Education” in the students of Manheim Central, the Manheim Central Foundation for Educational Enrichment (MCFEE) is again sponsoring the awarding of Educational Innovation Grants and Proven in Practice Grants.    If you have a new idea, please apply using the EIG application.   If you have had a MCFEE grant before and would like to repeat it, please use the Proven in Practice Grant.   Applications can be found under the grant pull downs on our home page.

Guidelines and an application for the grant program are available by emailing

The grants to be awarded will be chosen by a committee comprised of professional staff representatives, district administrators and MCFEE Trustees.

Business Tax Credit Program Grants must first be approved by the DCED and are dependent on the amount of funds contributed by eligible local businesses.   If your grant qualifies, this money may be used to fund the request.  The MCFEE Grant Committee will take care of this determination.   Grant requests should be made under the two categories regardless of how it will eventually be funded.

Typed or computer generated applications are to be submitted to Amy Howett, Executive Director of MCFEE.  The applications can be emailed to or by using the grant application link.  All grant applications must be received no later than the close of school on March 31, 2019.   Grants will be awarded by the end of the current school year.