2015-2016 Grant Recipients

2015-2016 MCFEE Teacher Grants In Classrooms Across the District!

$64,399 has been designated for innovative teacher grants to enrich and enhance the education of Manheim Central students this year.  MCFEE is grateful to have the community support to make the funding for these available.  Generous Individual and Business donations and participation in the annual Family Breakfast and MCFEE’s Kids Count Benefit Auction and Dinner make these possible.

District Wide Grants

Junior Achievement:
Junior Achievement- a volunteer-delivered k-12 program fostering financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work-readiness skills- brings many programs to the Manheim Central District.  Over 1,137 students were impacted in 2014-15. Each JA program runs at a budgeted cost of $725.  The grant from MCFEE will cover over 13 classrooms across the district.   PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Videoconferencing for Classrooms K-12
$ 1700
Previously funded videoconferences have been requested by individual teachers and funded through those topics.  This grant is to provide new opportunities for videoconference opportunities- live presentations and interactive activities for any classroom.    PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

District Art Show
$ 1100
This grant will create a K to 12 district wide art exhibition that showcases the creativity of our students. It will be held at the Farm Show Exhibition Center and celebrate the visual arts.  Day 1 will be an opening reception and exhibition.  Day 2 will be elementary student gallery visits led by National Art Honor Society docents.  We will fund the rental fees, display supplies, advertising and printing, and transportation for the elementary students.  NEW

Elementary Schools

Beginning Research with PebbleGo for all elementary schools
$1,000 times 3= $3,000
One year of access for a database of articles, videos and games that uses scaffolding strategies to strengthen emergent readers’ literacy and research skills.  PebbleGo includes leveled and fully narrated text, animated highlighting, glossary words, visual searching, educational videos and games and encompassing activities which teach students how to cite articles, create reports and share what they’ve learned.  The database is available over the Internet via computer or with an iPad app.  It supports students who are working at different academic levels.        NEW

Michael Patrick O’Neill- author visit        
$1700 per school
Mr. O’Neill is a renowned non-fiction author and wildlife photographer whose books are designed to encourage school children to read and become involved in sciences.  This grant was written to provide programs for k-2, 3rd, and a writing workshop for 4th grade at Doe Run.    The cost is for presentations, as well as his travel, hotel and rental car.                      NEW AUTHOR, AUTHOR VISITS PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Wetland and Watershed Day
All fourth grade students in the district will be given the opportunity to learn about wetlands and watershed through hands on activities on the Manheim Farm Show grounds and along Chiques Creek.  Presenters for the day will include the MCHS Agriculture Science students, members of the high school Envirothon team and environmental industry representatives from PA DEP, Lancaster Conservation District, Lancaster Watershed Alliance, PA Boat and Fish Commission, and the PA Game Commission.  This grant provides this applied field experience’s materials, honorariums and student transportation.  PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Doe Run Nature Club     
The purpose of the Nature Club is to enhance and enrich the outdoor and environmental knowledge of Doe run 4th graders in an after school club format.   They meet 1 to 2 times a month and students participate in a variety of activities centered on science, environmental and nature themes.   Some include field trips to identify wildlife and plants that inhabit different types of ecosystems with PA, owl pellet dissection, stream studies, and programs from local experts form the PA Game Commission Lancaster County Conservation District and Lancaster County Parks.   Some activities are centered on material covered in the Lancaster County Junior Envirothon and the Nature Club sends student to compete in May.  Costs are $192 for 4 Lancaster Conservation programs, $74 for the Lancaster County Park Orienteering Program, $119 for Owl Pellets, $63.20 for bussing to Middle Creek, $48, 36 for bussing to Pumping Station for stream study, and $40 for van to the Envirothon competition. PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Science Habitats Video Conference       
$ 600
The videoconference for all second grade students at H.C. Burgard is a live experience in which students learn more about animal habitats.  This program will allow student to have the advantage of an expert in this area of the science curriculum.  Students will interact with the presenter.  This enhances the science standards for this unit.    PREVIOUSLY FUNDED AS PART OF DISTRICT WIDE VIDEOCONFERENCING

 All Pro Dad’s Program at Stiegel
Stiegel Elementary will sponsor All Pro Dad’s breakfast events which will include a 45 minute program of fatherhood and family topics.  MCFEE Fund will be utilized to cover the programming and materials cost.  PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Mission You- Kindergarten and First Grade Stiegel
A traveling program from Lancaster’s Hands On House is designed to launch children into establishing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  This program focuses on healthy and safe choices while reinforcing self-esteem.  NEW

Mobile Agriculture Education Science Lab
A 32 ft. mobile science agriculture lab equipped with all supplies and a certified teacher will be parked at the Manheim Farm Show Area for all third grade students from the district in May, 2016.   They will perform hands on science experiments, each teaching a lesson in agriculture. Children work cooperatively to solve a problem as they form a hypothesis, collect data, and draw conclusions.      PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Middle School

Aquaponics in the 5th Grade Science Classroom
The proposal is to bring 3 (4) aquaponic systems into the science classroom.   The class would have their own system, allowing them to test their own unique theories and hypotheses about their aquaponic table.    It’s an engaging, hands-on living experiment that combines multiple units of the curriculum.   NEW

Coding at the Middle School
$ 250
Purchase of two robots for a new coding club at the middle school.  The Finch robots provide an opportunity for students to learn to code and see their work in action as the robot responds to the programmed commands.  NEW

Middle School and High School

Manheim Momentum Percussion Ensemble
The grant this year continues and expands “Manheim Momentum”, an afterschool percussion ensemble that began last year through the MCFEE grant.   The ensemble is open to any student in grades 7 to 12 interested in learning or strengthening their total percussion skills, understanding and technique.  It has a heavy emphasis on peer to peer mentoring from older to younger students that strengthens individual and group musicianship, leadership, scholarship and healthy relationships.  Funding this year provided an additional marimba and vibraphone with accessories.        PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

High School

Manheim Central International Culture Day       
Student groups from the high school select a country to represent and then follow strict guidelines overseen by a faculty sponsor to represent their country at the annual International Culture Day.   This is being expanded to an evening with elementary students invited to attend with their families.  Each country will be given a budget of $175 to spend on food and supplies for their country.  12 to 14 groups of students volunteer to research and present their countries.  PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Chef Bill Scepansky, Smart Partner, Enterprising Food Solutions
The Chef will present in all of the Foods related courses twice in the school year.   He is innovative in his methods of incorporating fruits and vegetables into the culinary experience.   The budget include 2 full day presentations for $600 each and a budget of $300 for fruits and vegetables. PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Virtual Business Restaurant Simulation
This internet-based software program provides a totally visual, highly interactive business simulation of a restaurant.  Team based activities come with a competitive scoreboard to help increase the excitement level.  Lessons include market research, location selection, interpreting financial statements, menu design, pricing, purchasing, and layout, staffing and marketing.  This software enhances the Entrepreneurship class curriculum. $1095 is a five year license for the Virtual Business Restaurant Lab.  NEW

 Surgical Suite: Total Knee Replacement Videoconference
$ 300
The purpose of this grant is to provide the Introduction to Sports Medicine, Gifted Program, and Medical Careers Club students with a video conference to view a total knee replacement surgery and interact with the surgeons and medical personnel in a real hospital operating room. PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

 Driven to Distraction              $2938 (2 semesters for all of 10th grade) $1,469 each
This program, provided by the Byrnes Health Education Center, provides knowledge of the legal, physical and psychological consequences associated with impaired and distracted driving and all get a chance to participate in a driving simulator experience. PREVIOUSLY FUNDED AS EITC GRANT

Cyber Surgeons Simulation with National Institute of Health
This videoconference is a simulation- to complete the mission, students become part of the fictional Cyber Surgeons remote trauma unit on a mercy ship. This simulated ship has high tech hospital and medical research capabilities, state of the art high end communication systems and dedicated satellites to relay information.  Students will diagnose various maladies and recommend treatments, all while interacting with a “chief medical officer” from the Challenger Learning Center. This will help the students learn how to think and act quickly and efficiently.    PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Safe Social Media
The desired outcome for every tenth grader participa88ting in this program is a reduction in cyberbullying, sexting and detrimental texting and visual posting. The cost includes 8 programs and travel expenses from the Byrnes Heath Education Center.  This price includes a 10% discount for qualifying as a Committed Partner with the Byrnes Heath Education Center which could also affect other Byrnes programs that schools in our district use.  This was previously funded as a videoconference, but will be a presenter at the school this year.     PREVIOUSLY FUNDED AS A VIDEOCONFERENCE

Language Learning at their Fingertips:  Rosetta Stone
Web based Rosetta Stone allows students access to all of the thirty language offerings and all levelso  Students in the gifted program will use this, as well as opportunities for other interested HS students.  Students will have access to this program anywhere and anytime extending the learning day.  Licenses can be transferred to another student when the first is done.  This pays for 16 licenses and two additional headsets with microphones.  PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Agriculture Workplace and Career
All seventeen Ag Ed electives touch on a different field of agriculture.   Integrating computer technology and science theory in our Ag-Ed classroom and shop with inquiry learning experiences in all the areas is made possible with this grant that provides 20 iPad AIR2 with Otter boxes and iPad Apps that enhance the Ag-Ed curriculum.                PREVIOUSLY FUNDED

Low Light/Shallow Depth of Field Video Equipment