Current MCFEE Event

Here’s a form if you need the extra copies to honor more than one person in the.MCFEE End of Year ”High Five” Thank You Program.   Yes!  I want to thank a special Manheim Central educator.

Name of Teacher/Staff Member to Recognize  ___________________________________________

Teacher/Staff Member’s school or office  _____________________

Donation Amount to MCFEE  _____________

Who is the High Five from?   The name/names will be listed on the certificate the educator will receive.  __________________________________________________

Short personal message you’d like to add______________________

Want to thank more than one person?  Please feel free to copy this form and fill one out for each person.

Student’s name:_____________________________Grade:____

circle one  Doe Run   Stiegel    HCB    MC Middle School    MC High School Parent/ Guardian Name: __________________________________
Your address:  ________________________________________
City/ State/ Zip Code:  ________________________________
Checks payable to MCFEE                           * *Send to your school office  with MCFEE on the envelope *or mail to:   MCFEE   281 White Oak Road, Manheim, PA. 17545  *or to Donate online:  “Make A Donation” Button, and then send this paper to either the school office or to MCFEE.