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PO Box 475
Manheim, PA 17545

We are happy to make ourselves available for your questions. For more information call 717-450-4518.                                                     

Russ and Cheryl Burke, Co-Executive Directors
(717) 450-4518

Tim Miller, President

2016-2017 Trustee Council:
Tim Miller, President                                  Kim Shirker
Kathleen O’Dell, Vice President                 Suzi Smith
Daryl Myer, Treasurer                               Douglas Snavely
Barb Warihay, Secretary                           Taura Thompson
Ted Beck                                                       Joe Wells, Jr.
Nevin Dourte                                                Dr. Dixie Winters
Donna Gerhard
Dale Ginder                                                  Dr. Peter Aiken, Ex officio 
John Hess                                                     Michael Clair, Ex officio
Greg Knisely                                                Deb Snavely, Ex officio 
Tom Kowalchik                                           Emily Snavely, Ex officio 
Scott Moyer                                                 Linda Williams, Ex officio 
Bernard Nissley                                          Andrea Guscott, Student ex officio
Sabrina Parraga                                          Lauren Dorwart, Student ex officio
John Phillips

Our Trustees Make a Difference!



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